Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Social Disease Menacing Humanity And Its Cure

“We believe the economy should be democratically owned and controlled in order to serve the needs of the many, not to make profits for the few.” 

Economic bigotry is at the root of most if not all our problems and while the victims of that bigotry grow in number we are reduced to seeing only certain of them from certain groups often identified because they are indeed subjected to even more bigotry than most. But this amounts to the same old lesser evil politics that pit the majority against one another while a rich minority rules over all. The suppression of a potential majority that could bring about national and help in creating global democracy for the first time in recorded history results in identity group minorities gasping for breath by climbing up and over other groups to achieve their goals commonly mis-identified as dreams, while actually enabling and accomplishing the goals and even dreams of all ruling classes: division of the peasants-workers-citizens potential majority into easily controlled minorities at war among themselves while remaining relatively oblivious to their rulers.

Can supporters of the NRA and personal firearms ownership find unity with those who oppose weapons production itself? Can members of Black Lives Matter ever unite with those who believe that white lives don't? Will men who are sexually frustrated ever be able to communicate with women who are sexually set upon? They, and countless other divided humans, can never hope to unify as long as all of us are ruled by market forces under the control of minorities working for private profit before any - if any - consideration for public benefit. Those forces will always produce some gun owners and weapons opponents, some allegedly black and allegedly white people, and legitimately male and female humans who do well enough to be manipulated into competing to achieve even more comfort at the market by having more guns or less, more freedom or less, and more sex or less. But a large and expanding population which is barely able to get by, joined with a growing population that can’t get by at all are unable to compete at this alleged free market where nothing is free and are thus reduced to the totally un-organized status of people without representation at all, except by isolated disorganization or default.

While the upper professional classes among the population find outlets for their problems in gaining college educations and thus a bit more market place presence even while carrying enormous debt, those outlets are becoming more expensive and evasive, leading to greater frustration even among the relatively privileged – and ever more diverse - minority that is programmed to see only those slightly more or less privileged as enemies with little notice if any of those so privileged as to be members of what amounts to almost another race of beings:

The richest minority in the history of planet earth, with a relative handful of individuals amassing fortunes of billions of dollars while billions of humans live precariously, with many in abject poverty. 

 To maintain this degree of unfairness based on cosmetic affluence only available at great debt, programmed divisions among the population keep a shrinking minority in varying degrees of comfort but always convinced others are threatening that comfort from below, rarely looking above to the commanding heights so far beyond their reality it can seem a heaven achievable only to the highest priests, ministers, rabbis or imams, or more realistically their secular owner-employers, the super rich so far beyond normal humanity in wealth they might as well be gods superior to past pharaohs, kings, queens or other shamans.
That deplorable condition of humanity is not only maintained but strengthened, at least temporarily, by conditioned adherence to the religious doctrine of market forces under the domain of private control exercised exclusively and primarily in the pursuit of private profit. In order to change the situation for the human race, personally, socially, nationally and most importantly in our global environment,  we  will need to act on and realize what the opening quote from a group of organized global patriots clearly and succinctly states. If you forgot:

“We believe the economy should be democratically owned and controlled in order to serve the needs of the many, not to make profits for the few.” 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Suzie Dawson on Rape

“Sexually harmful behaviours and other aspects of rape culture can and should be denounced and deplored, without having to equate it to rape. The proclivity of the liberal set for doing so waters down and diminishes the experience of rape victims, and the seriousness of it. It seems to be yet another function of privilege, to bandy about terms such as “rape”, “rapist”, and “serial rapist” without understanding the repercussions of doing so.

Rape is an assault on all five senses. For a protracted period of time thereafter, it renders you almost unable to live inside your body, to live inside your life. Unable to preserve your sensory perceptions or restore them to how they functioned before the rape.

To falsely describe sexually problematic behaviour common amongst the entire population as “rape” belittles and undermines survivors, as does unfairly expanding the definition of what constitutes a rapist, or branding every man a rapist by affiliation. Doing so causes many men who are not rapists to recoil from confronting what does need to change. It dissuades them from meaningfully engaging on legitimate issues. It encourages an inevitable and counterproductive backlash, that needn’t have occurred.”

New Cyber Currency: ButtCoin and BlankCheck

Wall Street, the Pentagon, the Israeli Lobby and Nathans of Coney Island were rocked by news of the latest entry into the cyber-money-sharing global marketplace.

Italian entrepreneur Italo Manishevitz announced the new “Buttcoin”, a product of a more powerful Internet tool than the previous source behind Bitcoin, called BlockChain. 

“Our new “Blankcheck” will transform the financial, political, economic and weapons markets as they have never been transformed before. 

“ Buttcoin” will be backed by “Blankcheck” in the spirit of the sharing economy. We will no longer be limited to sharing our tired old money with McDonalds, Uber, Comcast, General Motors or Israel but now be able to buy, sell, trade, borrow or extort funds without ever going to a bank or writing out numbers on a check in advance. In fact, new “Blankcheck” will be just that show of solidarity and kinship with fellow humans we desperately need at a time of divisive shopping.

 Simply make purchases with “Buttcoin” and then send a “Blankcheck” in payment that allows recipients to fill in any amount they wish and take it to an old fashioned money laundering firm to collect as much as honor, integrity and the borrowing capacity of the institution will allow.”

When asked how “Buttcoin” was reacting to the first day of its introduction into the marketplace, with “Blankchecks” filled in totaling more than 257 trillion dollars in the first hour, company vice president Murray Provoloni said;  “See? It’s working!” 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Chemical Weapons + Market Forces

What makes chemical weapons seem so mean-evil-debased among people socialized to accept regular disastrous weapons of mass murder?

Blowing people to bits and reducing them to bloody pulp seems okay but leaving their bodies intact while using chemicals to kill them is somehow worse? Body parts scattered among the wreckage, arms, legs, former humans reduced to horrible piles of body parts? Okay, as long as their destruction is covered by the Geneva Convention which rules how and under what circumstances and conditions it's okay to burn, shred skin, squash bodies and obliterate bad people listed among sub-humans of all identity groups regarded as"enemies".

But poisoning them to death and leaving their bodies intact? OMG! OMG! OMG!

Of course chemical death preserves property, buildings, stores, while exploding them along with the humans occupying them means  not only blood soaked human remains but rubble which will have to be cleared and replaced. Hmmm.

Chemical weapons may be market force profitable; just kill the people , even if they won't be able to consume any more commodities . They can be replaced more cheaply than actual consumer goods that have to be produced by...ugh...paid workers and/or robots. Hmmm. New Investment opportunities?

Attention venture capitalists!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Century Ago The U.S. Had a Highly Educated President - A Fond Look Back

Among those who still haven't gotten over the 2016 elections there is the entrenched belief that Donald Trump is the worst president ever, largely owing to his boorish character and complete lack of education. While the latter assessment is difficult to quarrel with, the idea that Trump represents a radical departure from longstanding elite policies is frankly delusional.

A century ago Woodrow Wilson was president, a former university professor and president of Princeton, as well as a well-published historian with a Ph.D. in philosophy. In short, he was the epitome of academic achievement and refined Ivy League manners. Did it make a difference in terms of policy? Not in the slightest. Wilson makes Trump look like a progressive radical. (See Legalienate "False Savior:  Woodrow Wilson" for a review.)

Sticking just to 1918, Wilson completely ignored a swiftly mutating flu virus that sprang to life in the military camps of southwestern Kansas, circumnavigated the globe three times in 18 months, and killed off tens of millions of victims. While corpses were being stacked up like cordwood in U.S. cities, the president said absolutely nothing about it.

That same year Wilson successfully urged Congress to pass the Sedition Act, which made it a crime to criticize the Wilson administration. The law banned derogatory references to the American flag, Constitution, or U.S. government under penalty of a 20-year prison sentence. But the legislation thoughtfully guaranteed Americans the right "to publish or speak what is true, with good motives, and for justifiable ends," which sounds as though Donald Trump himself wrote the bill.

Also passed in 1918 was the Immigration Act, which allowed the government to deport any "alien" who was an "anarchist" or believed in "the violent overthrow of the American government," or advocated "assassination of public officials." Simply belonging to organizations labeled anarchist or subversive could result in deportation, and the government had no obligation to prove individual guilt, merely establish guilt by association. Wilson's attorney general A. Mitchell Palmer boasted of the achievement before the U.S. Congress: "Never in its history has this country been so thoroughly policed."

Exercising vastly more power than Lincoln did at the height of the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson elevated himself to virtual Divine Kingship, assuming dictatorial control of finance, the press, the farms, and commerce and transportation. Critics of U.S. participation of WWI were arrested without warrants, detained without bail, and tried in an atmosphere charged with vengeful hysteria. Judges berated them in court, then assigned them long prison terms.
Newspapers were censored, editors arrested, mail permits canceled (in the pre-Internet era, cancellation of mail privileges amounted to ideological assassination.) The American Socialist, the New York Call, the Masses, the International Socialist Review, and Frank O’Hare’s Social Revolution were forced out of business.   

Germans, and those who failed to hound and persecute them, were marked for extreme abuse. In the year 1918 alone, the following incidents occurred:  A banker beat up a German grocer while a policeman held the victim’s arms; a mob in Staunton, Illinois tarred and feathered two Wobblies (labor organizers) and dragged suspected German sympathizers out of bed, forcing them to kiss the flag; an Indiana State college professor was made to resign for holding “pro-German views”; a schoolteacher of German parentage was fired for belonging to the Socialist Party and instructing her pupils to remain seated while singing the Star-Spangled Banner; the Boston Symphony Orchestra was forbidden to play Beethoven, and no concert could conclude without the playing of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”; vigilantes raided the libraries of private citizens and burned their German books in the streets; Liberty Loan speakers insisted everyone buy war bonds, while screeching that the killing had to continue until not a single German was left; Mary Turner, an eight months pregnant black woman who said that if she but knew who had lynched her husband she would have warrants issued for their arrest, had her clothes burned off by a mob, which then cut her unborn baby from her womb and stomped it to death. Mary was found riddled with bullets hanging head down from a tree.

That same year Jack Reed described Wilson's glorious war "to make the world safe for democracy" (WWI):  
“We were in this trench, up to our waists in running water; in the back of the trenches, where it was slightly drier, were dugouts...the walls of these dugouts were of soft mud; they moved slowly down as the men lay down; and the only sounds were the snores of the exhausted people sleeping, and....the screams of rats. As we could look at the people...you could see over their faces where insects were crawling, vermin crawling. From the German trench...we looked through the port-hole, to the enemy trench, the French trench, eighty yards away. It had been raining for two weeks, two solid weeks of rain had come down...Between these two trenches, in the mud, forty yards from each trench, there lay a heap of bodies, all that was left of the last French charge, and these bodies were slowly sinking in the mud, had been left out there wounded to die. Nobody dared to come out...There had been no cessation of fighting; the wounded had lain out there screaming and dying in the mud, and they were sinking in the mud, and in some cases there wasn’t anything left of those bodies but an arm or a leg sticking up out of the soft mud with the flesh rotten on it.” 

       Reed also described the grotesquely twisted "patriotism" in the U.S. supporting Washington's clarion call to join the European slaughter:

“At the time I came back, which was at the beginning of 1916, the society columns were full about people getting up war benefits, giving war plays, and the hotels and the houses of the upper West Side, upper Fifth Avenue, were full of knitting parties, knitting socks for soldiers. They were not knitting socks for soldiers because their sons were in the trenches, as they knit socks for soldiers now; they were knitting them for soldiers because it was the thing to do. They had [Italian tenor] Caruso sing there in the afternoon while they were knitting socks for soldiers, and the talk was all of frivolity about the fact there was a war going on in Europe; England and France were in it, it was fashionable to be in it, and we were not in it—why weren’t we in it? It made me sort of sick.”

      At the conclusion of the appalling slaughter, Wilson was received in Europe as though he were Jesus returned from the dead. Vast crowds turned out to greet him as "the new Messiah," "an instrument in the hands of God," "the King of Humanity," and "the great American prophet of peace." All of Europe was agog over his "14 Points" and plan for "Permanent Peace." When he arrived in Brest, the whole town was down at the dock to welcome him. That evening as his train sped to Paris, peasants knelt beside the tracks to pray for him.

France greeted him with gun salutes and a massive throng singing and dancing madly in the streets. President Poincare invited him to sit in the state victoria where kings once perched, while an enormous crowd swayed and roared out his name: “Wil-son—Wil-son.”
The London press described his British reception as “A welcome unprecedented in history,” with two million people turning out to see Wilson riding in state carriage with the King and Queen and the Duke of Connaught, surrounded by gleaming Household Cavalry—with cannons booming. 

In Italy, peasants hung portraits of Wilson on the wall and crossed themselves when passing before his saintly image.

The euphoria merely served to whet the appetite for a dismal anticlimax, which was captured nicely by an incident reported by American reporter Lincoln Steffens. According to Steffens, two French newspapermen entered the Hotel Crillon during the Paris Peace negotiations and asked if the American reporters could verify a news story. Steffens promptly invited them to share the details.

The Frenchmen explained that, according to their sources, President Wilson and the premiers were about to get down to business that morning when Prime Minister Clemenceau inquired whether all the talk of permanent peace was to be taken quite seriously. His esteemed colleagues readily assured him it was. Clemenceau proceeded to point out that France was especially eager to conclude a permanent peace, because it was the first to suffer in European conflicts. To make absolutely sure the assembled dignitaries meant to arrange one, he inquired twice more if they really desired such a peace. Both times President Wilson, Lloyd George, and the Italians insisted they wanted nothing more. 
The bait laid, Clemenceau abruptly asked if his colleagues had taken the costs of such a peace into account. Taken aback, the heads of state chorused: “What costs?” 

“Well,” observed Clemenceau, “if we give up all future wars—if we are to prevent war, we must give up our empires and all hope of empire. You, Mr. Lloyd George, you English will have to come out of India, for example; we French shall have to come out of North Africa; and you Americans, Mr. President, you must get out of the Philippines and Puerto Rico and leave Cuba alone and—Mexico. Oh, we can all go to these and other countries, but as tourists, traders, travelers; we cannot any more govern them or exploit or have the inside track in them. We cannot possess the keys to trade routes and spheres of influence. And, yes, we shall have to tear down our tariff walls and open the whole world to free trade and traffic... It is very expensive, peace. We French are willing, but are you willing, to pay the price, all those costs of no more war in the world?”

The president and the premiers immediately protested that they meant nothing so drastic, that such things weren’t really necessary, especially not all at once.

Hearing this response, Clemenceau sat bolt upright, crashed his fist down on the table, and thundered: “Then, then you don’t mean peace. You mean war. And the time for us French to make war is now, when we have got one of our neighbors down; we shall finish him and get ready for—the next war.”

Monday, April 23, 2018

Weapons and Walls

“The Kids Are Alright”
The Who

The kids are doing a fine job of re-alerting everyone to the problem of the weapons business when it comes to private citizen ownership of a gun and the thousands we kill with them. But we need those kids and especially their parents and grand parents to wake up and face up to the very public social problem of the weapons and hundreds of thousands of murders we all pay for under the misnomer of defense.

The Pentagon, the weapons industry and our military kill far more people than the NRA and we all pay for it, not as individuals shopping for a personal weapon but as taxpayers in an alleged democracy who foot the trillion dollar bills for warfare and mass murders that have finally come home to us through retaliatory acts of terrorism. While lauding our kids for doing what our alleged democratic government should be doing, we adults might give a moment to stopping the mass murders and destruction of nations conducted by a military allegedly defending us in other nations thousands of miles from home, while it, and we, remain helpless to stop private and public murders in our own country. Make you wonder? It should.

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall. That wants it down.”
Robert Frost

Seems to depend on where the wall is, who builds it and who is being kept out or in by it. Many Americans are upset by the proposal to build a wall on the U.S. - Mexican border to keep Mexican people from coming into the country without legal processing. And some Americans are very upset about the wall in Israel that keeps Palestinians locked both in and out of their own homeland to protect Israelis the way early Americans had to be protected from Indians whose homes and land they had taken. The Americans concerned about both walls are equally upset and some group members may even overlap and their concern is justifiably based on moral grounds. But both need to strongly consider the enormous political economic impact of our dollars connected to building and maintaining both walls.

The proposed structure between the USA and Mexico would hamper the supply of illegal immigrant cheap labor for American businesses and professional class domestic servant seekers while offering much needed jobs to those Mexicans under-served by their nation’s political economic system. It would attempt to help regulate traffic between the nations and see to it that none were allowed in who could do harm to American taxpayers and workers.

The existing wall in Israel is used to control the cheap labor of Palestinians who work for businesses in Israel but cannot do so without passing through checkpoints and authorities regulating them in their own country and making sure they aren’t people who would do harm to Israelis.

Guess which wall and which group of opponents to the wall gets more attention from media and the elected officials of our precious democracy?

Also guess which lobby has more power over congress and the white house and is responsible for more death both in America and especially the Middle East - The NRA or the Israeli Lobby?

First correct answer gets to spend one week with the Trump family.
Second correct answer gets two weeks with the Clintons.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Near Deadly Political Gas Attack On Americans

“Historically, reactionary forces on the verge of extinction invariably conduct a last desperate struggle against the revolutionary forces, and some revolutionaries are deluded for a time by this phenomenon of outward strength but inner weakness, failing to grasp the essential fact that the enemy is nearing extinction while they themselves are approaching victory.”
In the face of steadily deteriorating imperial power, the reactionary forces of global capital have pressed the panic button and are performing far worse than rats on a sinking ship, unless those rats were armed with nuclear weapons and were as deluded as the politburo of western capitalism. Unfortunately some who were previously considered advocates of change are now among the deluded mentioned in the quote and have become foremost protectors of the reactionary political economics of global capital controlled by the market forces of Artificial Intelligence. As the world lurches closer to what could become a nuclear confrontation and the western toadies of empire raise wimpy voices in an atonal chorus of support for accusations against logic and reality, it would be nice to think the quote had it right and that this is just a sign of their and not our extinction. But while we need to keep the faith and work for a better future it must be noted that things get worse and more worrisome in the present.

The most recent nerve gas charges in Syria coming from the mental bowels of western reactionaries were as believable as the last ones, which means hysterically funny when not tragically frightening. The only truthfulness comes from America’s Pinhead-In-Chief who actually believes that Assad is as dumb as American policy pundits and would use poison gas to kill for no reason other than sadistic pleasure, or at least to conveniently cause photo-ops of suffering babies being protected by performers in uniform. Only slack-jawed oafs could believe that at a time of near total victory over the American sponsored and trained anti-civil warriors Assad would be so venal, stupid and morally corrupt as to order such a thing and most American leadership jackals would know it was political bullshit and simply lie about how terrible and dreadful and monstrous all of this was. Trump, in his incredibly ignorant honesty, actually believes it, which makes him the most sincere potential mass murderer we’ve ever had in the now diverse formerly “white” house. That’s not really a comfort but more a terrible statement about the murderous political pimps we deify as great leaders of the past, both historic and very recent.

Following the equally unbelievable charges against Russia and Putin which had them-him putting nerve-gas-poison on a doorknob to kill an ex-spy who had been exiled-swapped to and living anonymously in England for years, and leaving out the numbskull idiocy of any alleged super-agent doing so and jeopardizing any visitor, salesperson, neighbor or delivery person who might have touched the door before the intended victims whose conditions of recovery remained buried on back pages while headlines screamed  “murder most foul”. This fetid gas emanating from England’s governmental toilet was quickly taken up by America’s own reality TV government, thus raising the intellectual stench to that of an international moral sewer. If only the UK and USA had to pay the price of this foulness that might be another point for the quote’s analysis, but when the western toilet overflows, the world becomes inundated with the mental excrement and polluting waste of a more dangerous kind than the usual outcome of minority private profit at majority public loss. This could have blundered into a confrontation between nuclear powers far more threatening than the slow destruction of our environment under western control directed by the master race of self chosen rulers in the USA and Israel. Some reactionary pessimists might welcome the possible destruction of humanity but the rest of us far outnumber them and need to begin acting as a democratic majority of our race.

Luckily, sensibility in Russia, Syria, Iran and other parts of the global majority became more powerful at a time of extremely serious crisis. The reaction, especially by Russia, to the publicity stunt bombing of Syria’s alleged poison gas supply, a product said to no longer be in existence by another member of the presidential pimp parade several years ago, was as should have been expected by knowledgeable observers, at an intellectual and moral level unperceivable by the class of murderous intellectual clowns running our  circus. While it may seem too much to ask of our own population, much of it kept obsessed with scandals about Trump’s alleged sex life with rich and soon to be even richer “me too” porn queens, Russian meddling in our pet food purchases or world history according to Marvel Comics, it might be a good idea for all those truly seeking change in our system - not just its diverse front men and women - to keep the faith and take the actions necessary to end the crisis of the moment so that we might avoid an even worse crisis in the immediate future, transforming it to truly come closer to “approaching victory”, as the political philosopher quoted at the beginning mentioned. His name is Mao Tse Tung, and in the Marxist tradition, he didn’t only analyze reality but worked very hard to lead a revolution that radically changed it. Only private wealth worshippers and political cynics believe he failed but the hundreds of millions of Chinese previously consigned to peasant and working class poverty whose lives were totally transformed might inform them, and us, otherwise. 

We need to learn more about the actual conditions in the lives of people in other places but we first need to fully understand our own homeland and what our rulers do to the rest of the world in our name, while keeping us in the dark about reality. As in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Palestine and Ukraine, to mention only a few places where we murder, maim and prevent social justice and democracy while piously extolling their virtues. They can only continue to do that if we continue to let them, and inspiration can come from actually learning what people in other nations have achieved, against seemingly impossible odds, to enable us to not only believe in creation of a better world, but actually bring it from theoretical dream to practical reality. That means clearing the poisoned political gas filling our heads and analyzing reactionary rule in order to replace it with revolutionary democracy. Soon. Like now.